4 Reasons Why You Need Wristbands for Your Next Big Event

Wristbands have become synonymous with events in the past few years. Event organizers often use customized rubber or silicone bracelets as a stand-in for printed tickets, and guests like to keep them as a souvenir and proof of attendance. The appeal of wristbands dwells beyond their sentimental value, and they are preferred by many event organizers because, in a way, using these bracelets helps reduce the hassles of organizing and handling events. In fact, we have here 4 compelling reasons why you need to use wristbands in your next big event:

  1. Wristbands can be kept more easily than ticket stubs. Before e-tickets became a thing, ticket stubs are often used to identify paying and non-paying customers and event attendees. Many event and festival attendees like collecting tickets as proof of their attendance to certain events. However, ticket stubs are easy to lose, making it difficult for guests to find them during security checks. No matter if the ticket stub is made of paper or vinyl, there’s a very good chance that many of your attendees will end up losing theirs in the middle of the event. A wristband, on the other hand, is easy to keep and see. Attendees can simply wear them upon entry and forget them afterward.
  2. Wristbands can be spotted from afar by security personnel. Security is a serious concern for any event organizer or manager, especially if the event involves the participation and attendance of a lot of people. In addition to reducing the occurrence of security issues, you want to prevent gatecrashers from getting into the venue. One way of catching unwanted visitors is by checking their tickets, but going around the venue and checking people is a time-consuming task that can lead to long queues. Giving out wristbands as proof of admission can save everyone’s time and effort as it allows security to check a lot of people at a single glance. Your people can cursorily check for the bracelets while patrolling the venue, and guests won’t have to fumble around for paper tickets that they may have already lost on the first hour of the event. It’s a win-win solution for everyone.
  3. Event wristbands are more difficult to counterfeit. In a day and age where everyone is proficient in manipulating images, it’s pretty easy to make fake paper tickets. Wristbands, however, are harder to fake. To maximize this security feature, it’s in your best interest to make sure that the wristband’s design is unique and customized for the specific event. Mix and match colors to make the wristband easier to see, too, so security personnel can easily spot them and check if they are authentic or not.
  4. Wristbands add another layer of visual flair and branding to your event. In addition to providing added security, wristbands also elevate the general aesthetic of your event. It’s a highly visible fashion accessory worn by practically everyone in the crowd. This uniform, so to speak, makes the event look and feel more professional and reminds all attendees that they are in the company of people who share a common interest. Plus, as mentioned before, wristbands make a wonderful souvenir, reminding the attendees that they were there with the crowd when a particular performance or event took place.

Making the switch to wristbands will benefit you, your staff, and the attendees. When choosing the supplier for your wristbands, make sure that you go with a trusted company that has an impressive track record for efficiency and timeliness. This way, you can expect them to design and manufacture the wristbands according to your instructions and deliver the order right when you need it. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3762 ratings and reviews.