5 Reasons Why You Should Give Away Lapel Pins on Your Next Event

Nowadays, it’s already the norm to give freebies during an event, like small “thank you for coming” gifts that double as promotional materials. There are many popular souvenirs such as notebooks, pens, and the ubiquitous concert wristbands, but lapel pins are also making a fashionable comeback as souvenir items. Here are a few reasons why you should consider these accessories as a giveaway on your next event.

They’re Stylish

Die Struck Lapel Pins

What’s good about lapel pins is that they can be worn by anyone, and they don’t choose between formal or casual — no matter its design, a lapel pin will suit almost any kind of clothing style. You can adorn a bespoke three-piece suit with a Mickey Mouse lapel pin and it will still look as dapper. In fact, the suit may even turn out to be more interesting with the addition of a fun, quirky pin.

Lapel pins can also be worn on other clothing items, not just on a suit jacket or the collar of a dress shirt. You can place one on a necktie, or you can even use it to fasten your scarf. Some people even decorate their hats with a lapel pin or two.

They’re Affordable and Easy to Produce

Cost is one of the most important considerations when organizing an event, and lapel pins won’t put too much of a dent on your budget. Depending on the manufacturing process, you can customize your lapel pins for under $3 per piece for at least 100 pins; this base price will definitely be reduced if you order in bulk.

Hard enamel lapel pins are the most premium offering in the Wristband Creation catalog. They undergo meticulous baking and polishing processes to achieve its famed durability and high-gloss finish. If you want a more budget-friendly option, you can go for soft-enamel lapel pins, which are coated with epoxy resin to protect its textured surface and give it a soft sheen. For a more distinguished, formal look, die-struck lapel pins are the best choice, while customized, highly detailed artworks are best reproduced in printed lapel pins.

They’re Collectible

Collecting and trading lapel pins is a popular hobby, with hundreds of thousands of pin designs available from all over the world. You never know when a long-time pin collector is among your audience, who will definitely appreciate another piece for their ever-growing trove. On the other hand, receiving a high-quality lapel pin during your event may inspire someone to start their own collection. Who knows, your event or your company’s lapel pin may even become a high-valued collector’s item someday!

They’re Easy to Carry

Some people look forward to receiving various memorabilia during events. However, some of these freebies may be a little too big or unwieldy to placed in just one small bag. With a lapel pin, your guests don’t have to worry about freeing up some space in their bag to carry your souvenir — they can simply attach the lapel pin to their clothes or accessories such as caps, scarves, or lanyards, thereby giving your brand get some extra media mileage throughout the event.

They Make a Statement

Lapel pins may be small but they can add a big impact to a simple ensemble. Just think of a black fedora and how a bright pink lapel pin, shaped like the breast cancer ribbon, attached to it can make it stand out from a sea of plain hats. Moreover, some people are proud to show their support for a cause or affiliation with a group, and well-crafted lapel pins are a good way to encourage this habit. Their small size also makes them easy to wear in almost any kind of occasion, giving your brand a chance to be exposed in other venues.

Whether your company or organization is already an established brand or is still building a credible reputation, lapel pins are a good way to give your brand a boost. Consider these small yet memorable items the next time you’re looking for an event souvenir. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3762 ratings and reviews.