7 Interesting Souvenirs You Can Collect When Traveling

7 Interesting Souvenirs You Can Collect When Traveling

Traveling is something a lot of people enjoy. Whether you do this once a year or a few times every year, going to new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people makes traveling totally worthwhile. Some people even make it a point to go to one new place every year simply because the experience of traveling is truly exhilarating.


Enjoying the places you go to usually leaves fond memories that you revisit every now and then. Some people even buy souvenirs during their travels in order to have something that reminds them of their time there. If you are one of those who like buying souvenirs at each place you travel to, you should look out for these interesting souvenirs that you can add to your collection:


  1. Maps – while considered pretty common by normal standards, getting yourself a map of each locality that you visit can actually be a good thing. Looking at these maps can bring back memories of where you went during your trip, and you can even show people where you went and what route you took to get to these places.


  1. Bracelets – if you look carefully enough, you will find that a lot of souvenir shops worldwide have one or two bracelets that you can add to your collection. These can be made using local materials. These can also be made using other typical materials like metal and leather.


  1. Shot glasses – you don’t need to be someone who enjoys alcohol to actually put together a collection of shot glasses from around the world. Most souvenir shops worldwide have one or two of these with the country, city, or province name on it. These can come in slight variations in sizes and shapes, but each one usually large enough to carry a shot of liquid in it, as the name implies.


  1. Figurines – you can get religious figurines or ones that simply show some local historical figure that is popular in the area. Collecting figurines from the places you visit is also a great way to build a collection of memories of the places you have been to.


  1. Refrigerator magnets – these are considered one of the more common souvenirs that people tend to buy when they travel. This is because refrigerator magnets are not only useful but also easy to display. When you see these on your refrigerator door, you can easily think back to the days when you were traveling to these many different places.


  1. Pins and badgesbuying lapel pins, badges, and other similar decorative pieces that you can attach to clothing, bags, and other fabric items are also a common practice. These pins are small enough to easily fit into even the fullest of suitcases that you can get away with buying more than just a few pieces at a time. You can even buy a lot of these at one time to bring home and give to family and friends as gifts.


  1. Snow globes – some people make it a point to look for snow globes in each part of the world they visit. This rather unique souvenir is now one of the most popular collectibles for travelers and those who have been to many places around the world can easily boast of a whole shelf full of these wonderfully whimsical mementos.


Other items you can also consider collecting when you travel include postcards, matchbooks, stamps, hotel stationery, and hats. Some people go so far as to collect artwork from each place they visit while others simply pick a shell or a small rock they find interesting to add to their travel collection.


Whatever you choose to bring home with you as a souvenir from your travels, whether it is something as expensive as a painting or something as simple as a lapel pin, the important thing is the memory each item brings. Souvenirs are, after all, just tokens that are used to remind you of the great time you had on your travels. Whether it is a postcard, a stamp, or a small shell, as long as it brings back amazing memories of the good time you had, it is well worth keeping as a souvenir.


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