7 Promotional Giveaways to Consider for Your Event

People may not say so outright, but the fact is that one of the highlights of any conference, seminar, sporting tournament, or other corporate-sponsored gathering is the freebies.

This is just as well since it always pays to be thoughtful to the event’s participants. Corporate giveaways serve the multifarious purposes of thanking the guests for their time and effort, rewarding them with things that they can use in the immediate future, and offering them something tangible to remember the event by.

Thus, it’s worth considering tokens that are at once budget-friendly, useful, and effective at conveying brand awareness post-event. Here’s our list of suggestions for your next corporate giveaway. We’re including some classic, time-tested options, as well as some new options that will come in handy in the modern workplace.

  1. Caps. First among our suggestions for wearables are customized caps. There are a lot of different models, colors, and materials to choose from, and a lot of reasonably priced packages for caps purchased in bulk. You have the option to emblazon the company’s logo or the official logo of the event on the cap’s panel. Stylish and functional caps are still a popular option as a corporate giveaway, and your participants will be thankful to receive an article of clothing that can help protect them from inclement weather.
  2. Lanyards. Another popular option is custom lanyards. Giving out custom lanyards will add that extra touch in the event proper, where guests can wear them with their nametags and distinguish each other as fellow participants. But a lanyard can still hold value after the event; they are, for example, especially popular among students who have no restrictions over their school’s dress code when it comes to ID laces, as well as employees who are proud that they attended your company’s prestigious conference or workshop. Make good use of this opportunity to showcase your event and its unique advocacy.
  3. Pens. Pens are always a welcome token among your guests. Anyone will need an extra working ball pen to use during the event, and later on in their bags, offices, or other spaces. Take advantage of this unfailing need and consider custom-printing a large batch of pens. They are also one of the most economical options, as the demand for them as tokens never really ceases.
  4. Tote bags. Tote bags are also a staple corporate giveaway: lots of space to visibly imprint the company’s branding, and lots of choices with regard to material (polyester, canvas, etc.) and color. Tote bags are handy, flexible, and environmentally-friendly to boot. Your guests can use them beyond the event for shopping at the grocery or at the mall, and reduce the unnecessary usage of plastics. Plus, you can use it to add more freebies, such as unique event wristbands and personalized notebooks, to show your thanks for their attendance.
  5. USB flash drives. This is a more modern option to the list, but one that your guests will thank you profusely for, as you can never have enough options for storing data. A USB can be carried around anywhere, and used immediately for file storage or as an emergency backup device. You can easily look for reasonable rates to mass-produce and customize spin-type, retractable, or card-type USBs with storage capacities of 2 GB and above.
  6. Water containers. Here’s another option that will please your event’s guests, and help reduce their carbon footprints at the same time. Encourage environmental-friendliness with the many types of water containers available for mass-production—from durable metal tumblers to flat, lightweight foldable bottles with carabiners for easy attachment.
  7. Umbrellas. Umbrellas remain a dependable option for corporate giveaways—we bet that more than one of your participants will secretly admit to always losing or destroying an umbrella, and thus falling victim to the rain. Equip your guests for the rainy days ahead after your event, and display your branding on any of the umbrella’s panels at the same time.

There are a ton of different choices readily available to you on this front. That said, here’s to hoping that your event operates smoothly, attracts many guests, and garners repeat successes. The best takeaway you can give your participants is a lasting impression!

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