Awareness Wristbands: Brief History and Color Representations

Awareness Wristbands Brief History and Color Representations

The aim of awareness wristband is very simple: to raise awareness. Awareness wristbands are made from elastic silicone bracelets that are used by different organizations to raise awareness. These silicone bracelets are very easy and cost-effective to produce. People from all over the world use custom bracelets such as breast cancer bracelets to raise funds to support causes like breast cancer awareness, or as a fund-raiser for cancer research.

Before silicone wristbands, colored and ribbon pins are the tools that many organizations use to raise awareness. However, as the years pass and as the trends change, ribbons and lapel pins were replaced by a more affordable alternative. Silicone wristbands are more trendy and stylish. Lance Armstrong, a famous American cyclist is the reason behind the very first famous awareness wristband. He set up a cancer foundation after being diagnosed with testicular cancer and began selling wristbands for a dollar each to raise money. Because of this, many organizations from all over the world use custom wristbands as a tool to spread awareness. 

Wristbands are a proven tool for promoting a message. Additionally, using these wristbands as an awareness tool is one of the most authentic ways ever. Not only are they very cost-effective, but they can spread the message throughout countries all over the world. 

Awareness Wristbands Color Meanings

Every color represents different meanings. Here is a simple guide that could help you choose the most appropriate color to represent your cause. 

PINK – breast cancer, women’s health

YELLOW – bladder cancer, bone cancer, suicide prevention

GREEN – bipolar disorder, Lyme disease

TEAL WRISTBANDS – ovarian cancer, sexual assault, rape

RED – HIV/AIDS, heart disease, drug addiction

ORANGE – leukemia, kidney cancer, poverty, human rights

BLUE – men’s health, foster care, human trafficking

PURPLE – pancreatic cancer, domestic violence

WHITE – blindness, bone disease

BLACK – skin cancer, insomnia

YELLOW GOLD – childhood cancer

MAROON – brain aneurysm

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