Fresh Fundraising Ideas for Charity Events

Sometimes we get the urge to do good, but to do that we need money. After all, they say it makes the world go around, and it can make things happen. With fundraisers, the idea is that donors and sponsors all chip in to achieve a common goal, and the charity gets to fund its activities. However in reality, not everybody is willing to shell out their hard-earned cash for just any cause, so it helps to be creative when setting up a fundraiser. We’ve collected a few fresh and unique fundraising ideas for you to try out at your next event here:


Thematic Events

While it’s common to just host a run or a walk, take it one step further by planning a fundraiser that goes with the theme of your event or charity. One popular example of this is Movember, which originally started out as a month-long event to raise awareness to prostate cancer and other health issues in men; now it’s part of everyone’s vocabulary, and has cemented itself into modern lexicon and is celebrated by men’s health activists and moustache connoisseurs alike. Come up with something similar by sitting down for a brainstorming session and list down each and every outlandish idea you can come up with, just keep in mind that it has to revolve around your mission and your cause.


Auction a Date

This has grown popular with the surge of celebrities being more accessible and open to causes near and dear to their heart. You can enlist the help of a celebrity, or even the CEO of your company—it can even be any interesting or good-looking person you know who is game enough. From there you can pretty much add your own spin and theme, and watch all the donations rolling in.


Donate to Win

Everybody loves a good raffle. More often than not, people would be more willing to throw in some cash if they knew they had the chance to win something great. You could present a multitude of prizes leading up to a grand prize, and it could be anything from collectible hard enamel lapel pins from charity organizations to gift certificates, fancy appliances, or even a memorable experience or getaway. You can even get in touch with some businesses for the prizes in exchange for PR!


Treasure Hunt

Bring back the thrill and excitement of a good old hunt and use it for a good cause. You can either set up this event manually and put all your arts and crafts skills to good use, or have technology on your side by using an app like Actionbound to combine the real life hunt with virtual reality. It’s fun from start to finish: coming up with a theme and a storyline, hiding the treasures, and watching your guests scurry around in glee.


Harmless Punishment Games

It’s not as dangerous as it sounds! You could set up a dunk tank that guests could pay to dunk a willing local celebrity—or a willing fellow guest. Set up easy little contests guests could pay to compete in where the loser has to suffer a tasty cream pie to the face, or walk around the grounds in a cute yet mildly humiliating rabbit costume. Since people love a good laugh, as well as mildly tormenting others for causes of hilarity, you won’t have trouble attracting a paying audience.

Gathering funds and resources to further a good cause is a noble act in itself, but don’t forget to use up your own stores of craftiness and creativity. It makes the event more memorable not only for your guests, but also ultimately for your cause.

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