How do Cloth Face Masks Work?

Sick or healthy, people are encouraged to wear a face mask every time they go out in public places. There are a lot of different kinds of face masks that you can usually see in public, and one of them is the cotton face mask. In this article, we will narrow down the uses of cloth face masks and how they work. 

cloth face masks

How Do Cloth Face Masks Work?

Cloth face masks are the best option for people who don’t work in health care. These are usually made of scarves, bandanas, or a piece of cloth that covers the nose, mouth, and chin area. Cotton face masks are ideal for both men and women and is suitable for any kind of activities. These are the best type of mask for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and traveling. But these are also an ideal alternative to surgical face masks in protecting the wearer from the transmission of infectious diseases. 

Respiratory emissions like saliva and mucus droplets are easily spread from one person to another. And with the use of masks, they reduce the chances of getting infected by these diseases and viruses. Because of the high demand for medical masks like surgical and KN95, there has been a huge shortage of these medical face masks. And cloth face masks act as an effective substitute for these. 

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