Why Lanyards are Great for Marketing and Promotional Uses

If you’ve attended trade shows, conferences, and conventions, then it is probably safe to say that you have received your fair share of lanyards at these events. The lanyards you get from event sponsors, participating companies, and business that run the event often carry their company name, logo, slogan, and advertising statements. Why do these businesses use lanyards in such a way?

There are many good reasons why companies utilize lanyards for marketing and advertising. A good number of companies use lanyards in this manner because it helps promote not only the company name, but also the brands that the company has, the company mission statement, and even the company logo and mascot. These lanyards can be easily customized for such a purpose.

These are also considered one of the best tools for promoting and advertising a brand, and here are some of the reasons why:

Anybody can use it – Lanyards are used by everyone. Students use it with their school IDs. Office workers use it with their office badges. Some people even use it to carry their cellphones and keys around their neck with.

Its usefulness to everyone makes it a great marketing tool because anything that you put on it can be seen by everyone as well. This in turn helps you fulfill the purpose of marketing, and that is to get as many people as you want to see your brand and to become familiar with it.

It is economical – as an advertising tool, it is economical when compared with other marketing and advertising mediums. Billboards, posters, commercial spots on the radio and on TV can be very expensive. Even online ads cost a lot of money.

Lanyards will cost you only a fraction of what these other marketing mediums cost, and can reach even those who do not watch TV, listen to the radio, drive past your billboards, and see your posters. These lanyards can carry company slogans, mission statements, and even just brands that you want to promote. You can even add contact information and website information on these for people who want to know more about your company and your brand.

It reaches everyone – not only do lanyards increase brand familiarity with the person wearing it but also with those that see the person with the lanyard. Imagine one person remembering your brand every time they put the lanyard on. Now imagine how many people that person will interact with during his entire day. If he or she interacts with 10 people in one day, then you will have marketed and promoted your brand to 11 people in that single day alone.

Multiply that by the number of lanyards that you hand out and you have quite a large number of people seeing and becoming familiar with your brand every single day. This is how effective lanyards are in promoting and marketing your company and your brand.

It is easy to customize and order – if you are in a rush to create custom lanyards for an event that your company suddenly decides to join or puts together, these can be easily put together by manufacturers that specialize in their creation. You won’t need weeks and months of lead time in order to get your promotional lanyards made and delivered to you, unlike with other types of marketing and promotional tools.

Customization requires you to choose the material, length, width, attachment, and color of the lanyard. It also requires you to write down the slogan or message you want printed on these lanyards. Once you have made these choices, it is all a matter of putting these together by your chosen manufacturer, and they can do this in less than a week. This means you can get your custom promotional lanyards that quickly.

It can be used for anything at any time– when you have custom lanyards on-hand you don’t actually need to have an event where these can be distributed. You can have these handed out to people anytime and anywhere. You can even donate these lanyards to schools that need them for their students.

You can also sponsor lanyards for community events and have your logo added to the message that is on these lanyards. These can also be given out with your products in supermarkets and stores. You can also use these lanyards as giveaways during community gatherings like state fairs and the like.

As you can see, like printable wristbands, lanyards are great for marketing and promotional uses due to its versatility, ease of use, and how fast these can be custom made for your specific needs. These are also relatively cheaper than other advertising and promotional mediums. This means you not only succeed in getting your brand out there, but you do so without burning a hole in your advertising budget. You also end up with a useful tool that everyone can and will use, which is what you want for brand promotion and awareness. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3762 ratings and reviews.