North Carolina State University Study Shows Teaching Kids about Climate Change Affects Parents


A recent study released by North Carolina State University shows that children who are taught the importance of climate change can influence the way their parents view the subject.

The study involved middle school science teachers creating a curriculum that specifically teaches the effects of climate change to their students. A total of 238 students and 292 parents were included in the study. The participants were divided into two groups, an experimental group with the implemented climate change curriculum and a control group without any curriculum change. A survey was then given to both groups before and after the curriculum to measure their concerns regarding climate change.

Danielle Lawson, lead author of the study and Ph.D. student at NC State University, noted that there was an increase in interest concerning climate change for both groups. The experimental group, however, exhibited a more pronounced shift in interest once the children finished their curriculum.

Lawson went on to explain that children are more willing to learn about climate change compared to adults. The survey results showed that children shared this interest was with their parents due to the latter’s increased interest in the subject matter.

Kathryn Stevenson, co-author of the study and assistant professor of parks, recreation and tourism management, stated that the aim of the study is more about educating people in climate science as well as promoting critical thinking skills. Children can become proponents in educating others about the subject and can help others consider ways to become more concerned about climate change.

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