Popular Concert Freebies to Give Away to Your Fans

Whether you’re an electropop artist, a rock band, or a soul musician, there will probably be no greater feeling in the world for you than to be able to perform your music live in front of a big audience. Holding a concert is a rite of passage for musicians, a transition from those days of pub sessions and club gigs into a bigger, wider world of opportunities.

As part of celebrating this event, you have to make your concert as memorable as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to give away freebies to your supporters. These items serve 2 very important purposes, namely to promote your brand and to give your fans objects of function that they can still use even after your concert is over.

Here are some items that you might want to consider:

Silicone wristbandsGiving away silicone concert wristbands is a classic way to promote brands and causes.  They are affordable, easy to produce, and serve as an understated fashion accessory that can last for a very long time. Artists can have their name debossed on the surface of these durable items, or they might want to choose having their logo printed instead. Visit this page to check out the other things that you can do to customize a silicone wristband.

Sunglasses – If you’re holding your concert during the day, consider handing out sunglasses as freebies. Not only will they help protect the concertgoers’ eyes from the sun, they also make for better event selfies and photos since people won’t be squinting in front of the cameras. There are many different styles of sunglasses, but wayfarers and aviators tend to be the most appreciated by people. Also consider making them available in different frame colors.

Water sports bottles – Another nice item to give away is a water sports bottle. It’s very useful, since no one can really get very far without proper hydration, and reusable bottles are environment-friendly to boot.

Carabineers – Carabineers are those metal loops with a spring-loaded opening. They make for great key holders, and people can also use them to clip the zippers of their bags together to deter would-be thieves.

Lanyards – A lanyard is a strap worn around the neck usually used to hold items like identification cards and electronic gadgets. The long strip of fabric offers premium real estate where an artist or a band can put their name or logo on.

LED key lights – Perfect for illuminating dark pathways and murky corners in one’s home, an LED key light is another handy item that your fans will appreciate. It comes in the form of a keychain, with the key ring being connected to a small torch or flashlight.

Battery-operated fans – These small, handheld fans are quite popular among commuters. For tired and sweaty music fans in a concert hall or a festival ground, they can be just the lifesaver that they need.

Glow sticks – Glow sticks are a staple at music festivals, concerts, and dances. They make for a fantastic visual spectacle during the event, especially when people move them in unison. They’re not very functional though, since the light doesn’t last forever. Nevertheless, some people use them as an illumination device for nighttime jogging until the light runs out.

Drawstring bags – Of course, you wouldn’t want your fans to be carrying these things around all day during the concert. A drawstring bag solves this problem, and it’s almost certain that it will be used for many years to come. Make sure to have your logo printed on it.

With so many items you can consider giving away as souvenir during your concert, you’re bound to find one that really suits your style and requirements. For ideas, please don’t hesitate to call Wristband Creations at (800) 403-8050. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3762 ratings and reviews.