Paper Wristbands

Although paper wristbands may give you the impression that they may be vulnerable, ours is just as durable as their counterparts. 

Our paper wristbands are waterproof and have a water-resistant adhesive closure on them. You won’t have to worry about your wristbands from getting soaked. This is especially for places like water parks or theme parks where a lot of activities would have to include getting wet. Custom paper wristbands will help you better manage your event, especially if you have 

Paper Wristbands as a Promotional Item 

Paper wristbands are usually less expensive than silicone or cloth. These are usually ideal for events that last for days like music festivals or concerts. This will not only help you better manage your crowd, but it will also take your marketing game to a whole new level. Most attendees like to keep a souvenir from concerts and these paper silicone bands will act as a low-cost souvenir. Imagine having your attendees take these wristbands home and show them to all their friends and families. 

Create a unique look for your event. Whether your design is plain and simple or very vibrant, we at Wristband Creation can have any design printed on our wristband. This is because our paper silicone band is 100% printable. We offer a wide range of great design but we also accommodate fresh new designs. And for you to reach maximum advertising opportunities, you can place your logo or your message anywhere on this wristband. 

Interested in learning more about paper wristbands? Call us at (800) 403 – 8050. You can also email us at for more information. We have a team of experienced customer service representatives who will guide you through your whole ordering process.

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Learn More About Paper Wristbands

Protect your event against fraud while creating a unique accessory for your event. Our paper wristband is the most comfortable type of wristband that is perfect for your event. It holds up well even in water and is also perfect for events that require you to stay out in the sun for long. 

If you want an affordable wristband without compromising its quality, then a paper wristband is the best option for you. Wristband Creation offers a large range of paper wristband styles that will suit your promotional needs. We make it a priority to make the best promotional items. Theme parks, leisure venues, and professional organizations use them for promotion or crowd-management solutions. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3713 ratings and reviews.