Promoting Your Social Cause Through Clothing and Accessories

In a world of social media, networked computers, and Internet of things, you might be tempted to think that old-fashioned ways of promoting causes or brands no longer have a place under the sun. But make no mistake about it; when done right, merchandising can still be a powerful tool for letting the world know about your organization and the goals that it wants to achieve.

Why you should do it

Selling branded merchandise, of course, is a way to generate money for your cause. Whether it’s for helping children with ailments at the local hospital, collecting money for the reforestation of your local watershed, or raising cash to buy several months’ worth of food supplies for the dogs at a local shelter, purchasing branded merchandise is one of the easiest ways people can show their support for a particular cause.

Nevertheless, even in the event that you don’t completely meet your sales objectives, distributing branded clothing and accessories can still afford you benefits in the form of free advertising. As mentioned, people will buy your products not only because these items are functional, but also because these people would want to show to the world that they’ve got your back. In the same way that people buy commercially branded products because they want to be associated with the image or lifestyle that those companies project, people will buy your merchandise because they want to be linked to the cause you are championing.

Materials that you can consider

There are many items that you can consider to sell as merchandise. Here are some of them:

T-shirts – T-shirts are universally liked by people because they are one of the most basic items that can be found in anyone’s closet. To maximize their impact, make sure that you get high-quality shirts that buyers would want to wear often. If a shirt tears immediately or shrinks in the washer, it will most likely just end up in the trash. Also get help from a graphic artist who can produce a great-looking t-shirt design for you.

Wristbands Silicone or rubber wristbands are fantastic promotional items because they tend to cost very little, making them an attractive option for people who want to save cash. Wristbands are available in various colors and in different variants, including those with designs that are embossed, debossed, and imprinted.

Hats – Baseball caps are popular both as functional and as fashion accessories. They are great for keeping the sun away from one’s eyes, and they’re also a go-to piece for many people who want to rock the casual, relaxed look.

Key chains – They may seem very cliché, but key chains are still an awesome branded merchandise option because of their usefulness. Just about everyone carries a key, whether it’s for the house, the backyard shed, the bedroom, or the office doors. You simply can’t go wrong with a keychain.

Notepads and pens – If you are marketing to students or office workers, paper and writing products are good items to include in your product inventory. Like wristbands, they are cheap, and they are also very useful everyday items.

Tote bag – Tote bags are great for carrying things people buy from the store or for keeping the stuff they need when going to the beach or getting on a plane. These bags are just so versatile. Furthermore, their big size gives you an opportunity to splash your logo or message on a good expanse of advertising real estate.

Aside from thinking about the right type of items to sell, it is also important that you keep track of your inventory so that you’ll know which ones are actually selling and which ones you’ll need to replenish soon. It’ll be a big waste if you’re unable to sell something only because you’ve run out of stock. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3725 ratings and reviews.