Promotional Item for your Trade Shows

promotional item ideas for your trade shows

Trade shows are huge conventions with different booths and displays for business owners. This kind of event usually gathers a really big crowd, which makes business owners go crazy with their different marketing tactics. What makes a trade show truly memorable? Here’s a simple answer: giveaways. Many companies give out promotional items on their booths during trade shows to promote their products or services. In thinking of a great promotional item, think of these most important things: reusable, handy and compact. Here is a list of the best trade show giveaways that we thought of that has all the three qualities that we mentioned.

  • Key Chains

Custom keychains are a recommended type of promotional item during trade shows. It is low-cost with very high functionality. Keychain is an item that can be carried around. Having your logo on the keychain gives it a lot of exposure.

  • Power Banks

You will often see power banks as a giveaway during trade shows. This is because power banks are a popular gift because it is guaranteed to keep your customers’ or attendees’ devices ready to use. This also gives the impression that your company is adapting to technological evolution.

  • Flash Drives

For companies that are in the IT or computer industry, tech accessories are the best item to grow your product presence. This will also surely make your tradeshow attendees jump for joy because flash drives are definitely a very functional item that can be used on a daily basis. Data storage is a necessity nowadays and employees and students will appreciate this type of giveaway.

  • Lanyards

Almost all trade shows require any form of identification. Custom lanyards are the easiest and most cost-effective way to maintain recognition among your trade show attendees. And the best part here is that it doesn’t only provide attendees recognition, but it also gives your company a lot of exposure too by having your logo or statement imprinted on the lanyards.

Trade show giveaways create a positive impression. With the right promotional items, your brand’s exposure will be a total success. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3725 ratings and reviews.