Small Everyday Acts that Show Support to Your Cause

Having a good cause to support is one way for everyone to make the world a better place. Throwing a big event to further that cause probably isn’t sustainable if you did it every single day so, naturally, you’ll be looking to support your cause in little ways. From wearing custom lanyards to performing little acts of kindness, there are multiple ways for you to show support to your cause, and we’ve gathered a few of them here:



You could contribute small amounts to organizations that support your cause; a little can always go a long way. Often, many causes suffer from being underfunded, so even the smallest of donations is a great help. And it doesn’t always have to be cash. You can donate old but still useful things like clothes, books, appliances, furniture, footwear, and bedding.



This is a perfect way to give back to your cause, especially when you’re running low on funds. As they say, time is gold! Giving your time makes all the difference for places such as shelters, senior centers, mentorship programs, clinics, food banks, and more—all of which are usually understaffed and underfunded, and could use an extra hand.



Knowledge is power! Looking more and more into your cause through research helps by giving you more background and insight, which furthers awareness of the cause. Being well-researched also allows for you to easily share the cause to others, be more open and informative in discussing topics, and invite more and more people to join. However, always do proper research—which is to say, by cross-referencing and subscribing to reputable sources of information. With the internet, anyone can just put up anything, so always research with care! And on that note…



Share your knowledge of your cause as often as you can, and engage in friendly yet informative discussions with those who get curious. You can share articles on social media, send links to friends, or tweet your concerns and epiphanies; the added exposure is also good for your cause!


Be a Little Greener

Doing little green things may not seem like much, but it all adds up and makes the world a little greener. You could minimize driving around by simply biking, walking, or using public transportation to go places. It reduces your usage for oil, as well as gives you extra exercise, so it’s a considerable win! You can also lessen your use of plastic by reusing shopping bags, lunch bags, and water bottles.


Create Art

Another way of giving voice to your cause is by creating art. Art is often the best platform for delivering messages; draw, paint, dance, sing, perform—people consume art primarily for leisure and entertainment, so why not put a little meat and substance into it? After all, the greatest causes have always been pushed and furthered by the arts!


Wear YourCause

Whether it’s with a shirt with a loud slogan, a ribbon pinned to your collar, a lanyard where you hang your IDs and keys, or a pin you attach to your bag, wearing your cause is probably the closest anyone can get to wearing their hearts on their sleeve. Other than giving your cause another avenue for exposure, it’s also another way of letting others know what values are close to your heart. It also lets you feel connected to your cause every day, whenever you look down at your lanyard or shirt!

There are many little ways that allow you to further your cause daily. Once you make a habit of these small acts, you’ll be able to support your cause like it’s second nature to you. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3725 ratings and reviews.