The Different Types of Lapel Pins


Lapel pins are a jewelry-like type of accessories. These are usually worn on the lapel of clothing. These can also be sometimes attached to a bag or are simply kept as a collectible. But lapel pins are also known to have a lot of uses. Lapel pin acts as an important part of corporate identity and recognition. 

Not everyone is familiar yet with the different types of lapel pin. That’s why we put up this simple list discussing the different types of lapel pin and where their ideal uses are.

Hard Enamel Lapel Pin

Also commonly known as a pole pin. The process of making a hard enamel lapel pin is not as hard as you think it is.  This lapel pin style is usually famous for its high-quality finish. Hard enamel lapel pin features outlined metals with solid colors. 

Hard enamel lapel pins are ideal for fraternities, sororities, or employee recognition. 

Die Struck Lapel Pin

Die-struck lapel pins are the most elegant and classical type of lapel pin. It offers a traditional and elegant look. This is the most popular choice for recognizing years of service. These are also most popular among brotherhoods, fraternities, sororities, and universities. 

The process of creating your die-struck lapel pin begins with conceptualizing your own design. These are available in gold, silver, nickel, bronze, and copper.  It has a finishing option like sandblasting. Thus, making the finish look more accentuated feel.

Die-struck lapel pins are ideal for recognizing years of service and recognizing levels of achievement. This is also the type of lapel pin that is famous to make as a collectible. 

Screen-Printed Lapel Pin

If you want your lapel pin to look exactly as your design, screen-printed lapel pin is the most ideal type of lapel pin for you. If you are slightly concerned about the weight of your lapel pin, the screen-printed lapel pin is more lightweight. Also, these are usually a lot thinner than the other types of lapel pin. This does not have the usual metal color and metal outlines. 

Screen-printed has a simpler production process compared to the other types of lapel pin. This makes it more cost-effective and more popular. 

This type of lapel pin is ideal for events like festivals, political campaigns, fundraising, tradeshows, and company events. 

Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

Soft enamel lapel pin is ideal for event and corporate giveaways, sporting events, and charities. The most commonly used platings for soft enamel lapel pin are nickel, copper, and gold. These are perfect for any social functions because the level of detail here gives the lapel pin a subtle yet distinguished finish. 

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