The Role of Personal Protective Equipment During a Pandemic

The first line of defense against viruses is personal protective equipment. In this blog, we narrowed down the most essential PPEs during the COVID-19 pandemic and their uses.


Personal Protective Equipment


Different Types of PPE

  1. Face Masks – there are numerous different types of face masks existing. This includes medical face masks such as 3ply, KN95, and respirators. Non-medical face masks such as cotton masks are more preferred by the public because these are more accessible and more practical. Cotton masks are re-usable and re-washable. Some cotton masks are even customizable with your own choice of design or logo. But all these face masks are meant for one thing; to serve as a physical barrier to control the spread of diseases.
  2. Gloves – gloves are meant to protect the wearer’s hands from the spread of any illness during medical procedures. This is also one of the most recommended PPE to be used by the public to reduce the spread of the COVID-19. Use these gloves when handling a surface that may be contaminated.
  3. Face Shield – A face shield is definitely a safety shield. It covers the whole face area including the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Face shields protect the wearer from infectious droplets. This also prevents the wearer from touching the face. Face shields are a simple, transparent screen that is lightweight and very sturdy. These are also washable and re-usable at an indefinite number of times. , making them more practical. Often used during medical procedures, but are also used by construction workers and other industries that require a full face protection shield.


There still are a lot of other types of PPEs that are not on the list above. Some of them are goggles, shoe covers, and medical gowns. All these are essential not just for the frontliners, but also for public use.

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