Top Fundraising Ideas for Small Causes

These days, small organizations are in a better position to achieve their fundraising goals. They now have more opportunities to get the cash they need, what with the rise of social media campaigns and the increasing popularity of online crowdfunding platforms.

you are raising money for the benefit of a sick loved one, for supporting your community’s homeless program, or for funding your local dog shelter, there are many fundraising methods that you can explore. We’ll walk you through four popular ones.

Use a crowdfunding site

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past several years, you would have heard about crowdfunding websites already. With the help of Internet-based platforms like and, private individuals and organizations are able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charitable, philanthropic, and civic causes.

These websites not only provide global exposure for fundraising campaigns, they also serve as easy-to-use platforms where donors can easily channel their contributions for meaningful causes they want to support.

Sell silicone wristbands

Selling silicone wristbands or gel bracelets is great way to raise funds. They are inexpensive, so you don’t really have to shell out a huge amount of cash to acquire a lot of them. Furthermore, people usually wouldn’t think twice about buying them because fundraisers can sell them for low prices and still raise the money they need. Wholesale wristbands are also very customizable, with manufacturers typically allowing you to choose from a number of design options, including embossed, debossed, and imprinted, as well as single-colored and multi-colored.

Moreover, wearing silicone wristbands is a very popular way for people to show their support for the cause they love. In fact, the Livestrong fight against cancer campaign during the mid-2000s, which became one of the most successful fundraising campaigns of its time, was actually fueled by the popularity of Livestrong gel bracelets.

Hold fundraising events

While online crowdfunding has become very popular nowadays, it is still very important to complement your online fundraising efforts with offline ones. One traditional way to do it is to hold a fundraising event.

When it comes to the types of events that you can organize, the sky is practically the limit. You can organize a basketball game, a dance night, a food festival, or a walkathon. Be creative, and incorporate themes or gimmicks into your event. For example, the dance night can be an 80s-themed event, while a fun run can be attended by participants dressed as their favorite Pokémons.

Organize more than one event so you can have as many donors as possible from different demographics or groups of people. Also explore other avenues for raising cash. For example, you can sell food and merchandise during the event, or hold a live auction or raffle for added excitement.

Declutter with a yard sale

Another traditional fundraising method is holding a yard sale. The good thing about yard sales is that people are able to get rid of household items they don’t need or want any more while also being able to help meaningful causes. It’s basically a win-win decluttering session.

When organizing a yard sale, involve as many people as you can so that you can collect as many items as possible. If the event becomes too big for an actual yard, consider holding the sale at your local high school gym or community center.

With a little of creativity and the backing of your friends and network of supporters, you can expect your fundraising campaign to become highly successful in no time. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.6/5 based on 3757 ratings and reviews.