What Your Lapel Pin Says About You

As they say, it’s the small details that count. In today’s world, the pin is a small detail with a huge impact. Lapel pins were popular in vintage American fashion. While they were never fully considered “out of style”, they’ve made a renaissance in recent years. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see men (and even women) adorn their lapel with a pin.

Wearing a lapel pin is no longer just a fashion statement either. It is an expression of personality and affiliation. It’s no longer just trying to bring your clothing one level up; it’s about taking advantage of an accessory to express an opinion.

That’s why your choice of pin is significant. Here some examples of common lapel pins and what they say about you.

American Flag: You Are Patriotic

Since the 9-11 terror attacks, more and more politicians have been spotted wearing the flag as a lapel pin. But it’s not just politicians. Even civilians who want to express their patriotism have followed suit. However, it should be noted that there’s a certain etiquette when wearing the flag lapel. According to the United States Flag Code, it should be worn on the left lapel to signify that the country is close to the heart. Make sure it is pinned tight as well as the flag cannot be displayed upside down. Perhaps getting a magnetic lapel is best in this case.

Association: You Are a Proud Member

Whether it’s the college debate team or the biggest group of social philanthropists, wear your group proudly on your lapel. Nothing shows your affiliation better than displaying it on a pin. Some examples of groups you can create custom lapel pins for are school papers, medical associations, commerce clubs, etc.

Interest: You Are an Avid Hobbyist

Watch collectors are passionate with their timepieces. Ask them one question and they can go on talking about it for the whole day. However, it’s not just watch collectors. Wait until you talk to car lovers, stamp collectors, and foodies, who can be equally passionate about their hobbies. Regardless of your hobby or interest, you can start more conversations about it and take new enthusiasts into the fold with the help of a pin.

Sports Club: You are a Loyal Sports Fan

Sports fans can’t seem to get enough of their favorite teams. They show off their teams in shirts, bags, sports wristbands, and even car stickers.In some cases though, the formal work uniform makes it a bit difficult to express support for their sports clubs. This can be remedied by a simple hack: wear a sports pin. It can be the team logo. It can also be a basketball or a baseball design.

Campaign Logo: You Are a Supporter

Elections just around the corner? Maybe you’ve found a cause you’re really passionate to support? Whatever “campaign” means to you, there’s a way to express your support. While most campaigners make use of a silicone wristband as a sign of support, it’s also possible to do this with a pin. You’ll find celebrities and influential people donning pins of causes they support.

Statement: You Are a Fun Person

T-shirts aren’t the only items where you can express your fun side. Today’s lapel pins can be creatively customized to reflect your light personality. Statement pins are also a fun way to tone down an overly formal suit.

Classic: You Are Mindful of Your Image

Gold or silver lapel pins are classic, especially when paired well with your suit and other accessories. A classic pin gives the impression that you are conscious of what you wear and how you present yourself. It gives off the aura that you are mature and have purpose. Wear a classic pin in the boardroom or whenever you attend a big meeting where your voice matters.

When you wear a lapel pin, it says something about you. With this quick guide, hopefully you’ll be able to choose one that best represents your personality.

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